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Quality policy – PPU Produs
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Quality policy



PPU PRODUS development strategy is based on establishing a permanent and transparent cooperation with customers and professional management. PPU PRODUS pays great attention to improving and optimising technical and commercial conditions of cooperation with regular customers in order to continuously raise our standards. PPU PRODUS operates intensively to win new customers. PPU PRODUS mission is to provide customers with services, products and support within the whole area of activity at the highest possible quality level as well as to build long-term cooperation based on mutual care and trust.

Goals of


PPU PRODUS considers customers? trust and satisfaction as its primary goal and wishes to be identified as a reliable partner. Customer satisfaction is the core value of PPS PRODUS which is achieved by manufacturing of instrumentation meeting Customer?s needs and expectations, sold at competitive prices and delivered on time.


Accomplishes these goals by:

– winning the Customers? trust by meeting their expectations;
– keeping and developing professional status of instrumentation manufacturer;
– continuous development of methods of design, manufacturing, quality control and Customer service;
– ensuring high quality and reliability of manufactured instrumentation.

PPU PRODUS?s path to meet the goals:

conducting the analyses of Customer satisfaction and acting to improve them,

signalling the importance of meeting Customer requirements at each level,

creating the conditions supporting personnel involvement in improvement of the manufacturing process,

development and constant optimisation of cooperation with suppliers, Customers and other parties having impact on the activity,

creating the conditions supporting continuous upgrading of qualifications and motivation for employees,

constant implementation of innovative solutions resulting from technical progress,

planning, management and enhancement of processes, including their interfaces,

conducting systematic assessment of process effectiveness together with its continuous development,

running the production process in a way that is environmentally-friendly, and with the consideration of occupational health and safety,

ensuring resources essential to fulfil our goals and obligations.

The purpose of implementation and compliance with

accepted quality policy

is to ensure satisfaction of Customers, upon which depends the future of PPU PRODUS and satisfaction of staff. PPU PRODUS?s target for the nearest period is implementation of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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